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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are permanent groups of 40-60 people who commit to walking the journey of discipleship together on a forever-basis. Alpha Groups and Discipleship Groups are great at fostering community but their time-limited and topic-driven nature prevents the kind of life-long spiritual friendships that are vital to growing as a joyful missionary disciple. Connect Groups meet once or twice a month in members’ homes and include a simple potluck meal, the sharing of a testimony, and prayer. Group members take responsibility for holding members accountable for their growth in discipleship and hold each other in prayer constantly.

The Connect Group is the model of Church most closely related to that of the Early Church—because they work! Our hope is that after experiencing Alpha members will commit to journeying with a Connect Group.

The parish also has fraternal organizations like the Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent de Paul. Some parishioners may find that participation in one of these fraternal organizations (note that these are different from parish ministries in that members make a commitment to support each other and to grow in holiness together) meets the need for a Connect Group but others will choose to be involved in both—we recommend consulting with the Pastor to see which option is best for you!