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As a Sacrament of Initiation, Confirmation is closely related to Baptism and Eucharist. Christians are reborn in Baptism, strengthened by Confirmation and nourished and sustained by the Eucharist. Confirmation renews and strengthens the baptismal call to responsibility as a member of the community, responsibility to bring the Good News, and responsibility to serve others and take part in Jesus’ mission.

Candidates wishing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are to:

  • have participated fully in a cumulative, formal religious formation program or its equivalent through the 7th grade.
  • attend Mass regularly.
  • attend all Confirmation sessions unless excused by the Director.
  • Parents of the candidates are to:
  • see that their children attend Mass regularly.
  • register for the Confirmation preparation program.
  • attend parent meetings and sessions unless excused by the Director.
  • support and cooperate with the Youth Ministry Office by working with the candidate at home.

The Confirmation preparation program consists of attendance at Sacramental preparation either through

  • The Chosen program or
  • 3 Catholic School Prep sessions;
    • choosing a Confirmation sponsor
    • sponsor letter to the Pastor
    • Rite of Enrollment
    • attend Sponsor-Candidate Day
    • completion of a Saint Project
    • candidate letter to the Bishop
    • completion of 3 Christian service projects
    • Retreat
    • Interview
    • Reconciliation and Rehearsal

These requirements are outlined further, including due dates, on our Confirmation Checklist.